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Property Maintenance

We offer weekly landscape maintenance services of condominiums, residential properties and commercial properties.

Maintenance Maintenance Services Provided:

  • Regularly Scheduled Lawn, Tree and Shrub Care Maintenance
  • Lawn Service and Seasonal Clean – Ups
  • Mulching and Maintenance of Beds
  • Shrub Trimming and Ornamental Tree Pruning

When it comes to providing reasonably priced maintenance services for owners of private residences and commercial establishments in New Jersey, Cloverland Landscape is always the best option. With an experience that spans more than three decades, we have built a solid reputation characterized by personal touch and unmatched dedication to every task that we handle. Our portfolio speaks of the high level of expertise of our people and the care that we render to our projects, big or small.

Below are some of the maintenance services that we provide to homeowners and commercial property owners in Hackensack and nearby areas:

  • Lawn care and maintenance – Achieving a verdant lawn requires hard work and a great deal of knowledge on proper turf, tree, and shrub care. Incidentally, such task is one of our strongest suits, having performed such task on countless commercial and residential lawns with commendable results. We will ensure that your turf is mown to ideal height on a scheduled basis and that your trees and shrubs are checked regularly for pests or damaged parts.

  • Pruning and trimming services – Part of caring for trees and shrubs is performing periodic pruning and trimming. Trimming a shrub, for example, ensures that it looks neat and presentable. Meanwhile, tree pruning provides several great benefits, such as better appearance and healthier condition, aside from making your lawn or outdoor area safer.

  • Mulch application – Mulches prevent weed growth, enhance soil moisture and health, improves appearance of garden areas, and provide essential nutrients to plants. Accordingly, we can apply high grade mulches to your plants to ensure their health.

  • Seasonal clean-up – Are you having a headache just thinking of the best way to remove all the dead leaves scattered in your lawn? Are there lots of broken branches because of a recent storm? Let us spare you the troubles by providing seasonal clean-ups of your outdoors. We have trucks and other cleaning equipment to complete the task quickly.

Our Comprehensive Maintenance Program

We offer our comprehensive maintenance services on a per-schedule, monthly, or weekly basis. You can also hire us on a continuous basis -- all year round -- to perform periodic check-ups of lawns and outdoor spaces. We have expert personnel who are duly certified and trained to perform various lawn care and landscaping tasks so you won’t have to think twice about entrusting such delicate undertaking to us. We offer our landscape care packages at popular rates so you can surely afford them.

Please do call us today to speak to our friendly staff. You may likewise visit our office during business hours so we can personally hear your specific landscape maintenance needs and suggest the right mode of action. We look forward to serving you and making your landscape healthy, safe, and stunning all year round.